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Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS) offers smart innovative services for aspiring startups and SMEs, as well as established companies or corporations. Launched as a world-class hub for modern services for those who wish to setup their business within specialized facilities in the media and creative industry, Shams is a dynamic initiative, a forward-thinking and holistic community with the aim of making creative entrepreneurship accessible to all.



Determine Business Activity

Insurance Services

Insurance service is protection against loss. Companies that offer insurance service differ from each other in the types of products offered.


this allows the licensee to operate communication with the users of a product or service, and advertise services and products permitted within the UAE

Travel Agencies

This allow the licensee to run and opreate a businesses that sell travel- and tourism-related services, as well as products, to customers.


With this activity you are allowed to operate a company focusing on the act of selling you products to retailers within and outside of the UAE

Bookkeeping and Auditing

With this activity the licensee can operate a company focusing on the activity of record keeping and preparation & presentation of financial statements

Human Resources

This acitvity allows you to establish a company that focuses on managing personel, recruiting, expat services and more.


The licensee can operate a company that manages tv or radio stations, with content permitted within the UAE

What is a SHAMS Licence And What Does it Include ?

A Shams limited liability company (LLC) is an independent entity whereby the company structure separates the owners and shareholders from the company. Hence the liabilities of the company, whether arising in contract or otherwise, are the company’s liabilities and not the personal liabilities of the shareholders.
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Sharjah Media City

Benefits of SHAMS

Remote Setup

Shams allows shareholders to fulfill the business setup process for a new company without the need to be present in the UAE.

Strategic Location

located just off the E88 and E611 highways, offering easy access to two major international airports.

Broad Variety of Activities

Shams allows a broad variety of business activities and allows for multiple activities under one license.

Capital Repatriation

A DMCC license will allow you to remit all of you company profits to your home country.

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