How to Start a Company in Dubai from Anywhere in the World

Start a Company in Dubai

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Entrepreneurs from around the world are attracted to start a company in Dubai. Even the people who prefer not to relocate to the Middle East. Because of the strategic location, quick setup process, and good economy, it is easy to understand the appeal.

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If you look back in time, it is not long ago that the United Arab Emirates was one of the least developed countries in the world. But a lot has happened since then and the country has developed rapidly. Dubai is the largest and most popular city in the United Arab Emirates. Known as a global city and a popular business hub in the Middle East. If you want to start a company in Dubai from anywhere in the world, we have put down some more information about setting up a business in Dubai.   

Setting up a Business in Dubai 

A virtual office in Dubai is a business address where overseas investors can enjoy the advantages of having a business address in Dubai, at a significantly reduced cost. The idea is to give business owners the opportunity to have their employees work remotely, while still getting most of the benefits of having a physical office or staff in Dubai. It allows them to send and receive mail, as well as answer the phone and receive letters. In most cases, virtual office users are start-ups, freelancers, and small businesses with insufficient space requirements for employment.

Some of the advantages of setting up a business in Dubai, even though you are not relocating to the region. Is to save costs on office rentals, furnishings, internet services, and electrical and technological equipment. You can operate your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without restriction, saving you time and allowing you to be more flexible and avoid long leases. You will not need to assign an actual person to operate in a virtual office and go with automated machines instead, hence reducing your staffing needs. It is a great way to kickstart start-up companies.  Therefore, small businesses and start-ups with limited funds for office or space rental should consider this alternative.

Who Can Start a Company in Dubai with a Virtual Business License?

If you want to start a company in Dubai from anywhere in the world, you must be qualified to apply for a virtual business license. Overseas entrepreneurs must assure a set of requirements. While considering the acquisition of a virtual business license, you may wish to keep some information in mind. Firstly, the candidates for a virtual business license in Dubai cannot be UAE residents. The Dubai Virtual Commercial City (VCC) website contains a comprehensive list of eligible and ineligible countries. 

In Dubai, only location-independent commercial operations belonging to predefined sectors are permitted for virtual business owners. In addition to these predetermined norms, companies registered in Dubai under a virtual commercial license will be subject to the taxation regulations (corporate/individual income/social taxes) of their home country. This can however be avoided by registering for a double taxation avoidance agreement and applying for a TRC. When setting up a business in Dubai under a virtual business license, you must register with the UAE’s Federal Tax Authority if the yearly turnover within the UAE exceeds a certain amount and are liable to pay the UAE government tax. 


In conclusion, you can start a business in Dubai hassle-free if you follow all the norms and regulations set by the government. The UAE government always supports entrepreneurship and business development becoming a commercial hub in the Middle East. Contact Aston Advisory Group for further assistance and information. We guarantee that you will be up and running with the best price on the market in a short time.

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