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Our Dubai business setup and administration experts have experience from more than 2 decades of supporting company formation in Dubai and the UAE.

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Aston Advisory Group is a leading United Arab Emirates based company and business advisory firm. 

At Aston Advisory Group, we have developed relationships with the main Freezone agencies in the UAE who we have used to set up many  different types of companies. We know that when you are forming a company, you want to maximize profits, streamline functions, optimize operations and attract clients in the best way possible and also we make it simple for you! We take care of all of the administration to set you up so “You Don’t Have Too”

We also understand that sometimes basing your company in your home country is not always the best option and you may need to consider other tax-efficient locations, such as the United Arab Emirates. 

Utilizing our 20 plus years in assisting key clients and our networks in every major jurisdiction, we can help you to make the most of your business operations in the United Arab Emirates. 

We believe in integrity

We belive in our values and integrity is our main priority

Our team of professional advisors have a deep understanding of exactly what it takes to run a successful enterprise in the sought-after UAE.

Making use of only the most state-of-the-art, innovative and high-tech solutions, our advisory team will work with you to find the best, most comprehensive and all-inclusive options to run your business as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

We can consult with you on all aspects of your business: from marketing, research and development to operations. Aston Advisory Group forms part of a group of 10 companies, employing over 600 staff throughout the world.

With exceptional customer service, innovation and financial efficiency being the cornerstone of all we do here at Aston Advisory Group, our ultimate goal is to see our clients succeed in the United Arab Emirates.

Aston Advisory Group has established very strong relationships with many major banks in key jurisdictions. Each country has its own unique way of banking for both corporate and personal bank accounts, although they do all haver to follow very strict international banking laws too. We will help navigate this often very long and difficult process to ensure you get the best possible results. Typically, each bank will require up to 1.5KG of paperwork in a very specific format to allow their own risk desks the ability to gauge the risk you or your business may pose to the bank. Aston Advisory Group will not only check your personal profile, but that of your company and its structure, as often, the smallest mistake will result in a bank declining an application.

With 45 free zones currently in the UAE, and this number is growing, it is very difficult to understand the pros and cons of each for you and your company both now and in the future. Each free zone is different and has a different set of activities available. Free zones do change their products and pricing frequently, sometimes twice in a month. This, along with changes in UAE government regulations can make it impossible for an already busy businessperson to afford the time required to study the options properly.
Free zone companies are very popular as they give 100% foreign ownership and are relatively easy to start up.
Aston Advisory Group has extensive knowledge and experience with free zone company formations and can guide you to the free zone that best suits your end goal – we monitor the market very closely daily.
Often, the cheapest free zone looks very attractive for a new company looking to keep cashflow as close as is possible. However, by the time you’ve actually got everything you need, you soon see the original cost has increased 300%, and in the worst-case scenario, your company can’t operate as you’re unable to open a corporate account.

A UAE offshore company can be obtained without taking residency, this is often the main driver for why this structure is chosen. A UAE offshore company cannot do business inside of the UAE, so it’s ideal for companies that have clients everywhere else. Banking can be achieved in several different locations, even with an offshore company.

As many businesses have had to evolve to deal more online and not in person, ways to combat the issue of trust have become a huge problem to many. An ISO certification is a massive help to any business that takes global reputation seriously.
Aston Advisory Group can assist in the process to help get your firm certified with the best suited ISO certification available.

One of the biggest attractions to a mainland company, is the much stronger legal structure which has proven to give a greater level of confidence, to both local and international clients and certainly helps when opening corporate bank accounts. Once all documentation and paperwork is in hand, a corporate account can be opened in as little as 4 working days once the bank is satisfied.
Mainland companies in the UAE will typically require a local owner / sponsor, which historically was something some business owners did not like.
A mainland company has far fewer limitations on who or where it can do business with, which is why so many larger firms opt for this structure.
Mainland companies are now priced very competitively compared to just two years ago, in many cases these can now be delivered at lower costs than some free zones.

Aston Advisory Group understands that many company owners can’t be fixed to one location, many company owners have multiples of companies in several different countries. This often makes having an actual office a cost that simply doesn’t make any sense. To counter this, we provide a Dubai postal address along with a PO Box, telephone answering service with dedicated company telephone number with basic UAE company website. These products will not only save you a fortune in office rental costs but give the much-needed help for substance (Economic Substance Requirements) your company must have if it’s to have a solid reputation.

As many of our clients travel frequently, leaving their business to operate without the correct legal framework in place left these firms dead I the water. With bank accounts being frozen, companies unable to produce invoices, sign agreements with the right authority and so forth.
A power of attorney (POA) is a simple and cost-effective measure that allows the business owner to decide what the attorney is allowed and able to do whilst the owner is overseas. The pandemic lockdown was proof enough that a POA is worth the small amount of time and cost.

1. No Hidden Fees

At Aston Advisory Group, we want to make sure that you know exactly what you are paying for at every step of the way. Although our services do come in easy-to-understand packages.

2. Centralise Everything

Aston Advisory Group are experts at company formations. We’re not a ‘Jack of all trades’, so we’ve partnered with the absolute best in each professional field our clients may need.

3. Save Your Time

With more than two decades of company formation experience globally, Aston Advisory Group leverages its network to save you the most valuable asset you have.

4. Fast & Precise Support

We make your life easier by focusing on after sales service and care that any company can be proud of. This will help you as you will not have to chase asking where your order is.

5. High Quality

There are many different free zones in the UAE, each is slightly different and have different activities too. Not all are the right fit for your company, so let us help you find the right one.

6. High Quality

we want to make your life easier, allow you to focus on building your revenues without the hassle of wondering how to start in a new location.

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