Naming Your Business in Dubai – 5 Steps

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Naming your business in Dubai can have a significant impact on your success. The wrong name can result in you failing to connect with customers and even worse it can result in insurmountable business and legal problems.

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As in most cases, Dubai does not allow you to name your company anything you want. Even though the restrictions are relatively relaxed, it is a good idea to get informed about the rules before you invest energy and time into naming your business in Dubai. 

To get a better idea about the rules and opportunities, you must consider when naming your business in Dubai. We have created an easy guideline with 5 steps for naming your business in Dubai. 

1. Make sure that your business name is reflecting your company activity 

For instance, you have a flower business, it would make sense to naming your business in Dubai with a word that includes some reference to flowers. At the same time, you must not choose a name that could be limiting as your business grows. Choosing too narrow of a name may cause you difficulties later. You do not want to limit your business to a particular product or a specific city.

2. Avoid specific words when naming your business in Dubai

It is important that you avoid specific words when naming your business in Dubai. Words like Dubai, UAE, Emirates and other districts, cities and UAE airport codes are all restricted. The same thing goes for names of continents, countries, and cities. It is also important that the name does not include God’s name, or any of his attributes. 

3. Check if your business name is already protected

Once you have decided a name you like, make sure to do your research on the name. Often you will find that someone else is already using that business name. This should not stop you completely, but it is important to check that your business name have not already been taken in Dubai or elsewhere.

4. Your business name should not be similar to another business name 

It is not possible for you to choose a name which is similar to another business name in Dubai, especially not if that business performs similar activities. The name must not contain any indication of global political organizations as well as religious or sectarian groups. The name must also not contain words used by global or local brand and governments projects. 

5. Get feedback on the name

Sometimes names seem fine on paper, but it might not sound good when you say it out loud. Perhaps you understand the meaning behind the name, but other might find it difficult to understand it. Get feedback from friends, family and trusted colleagues when naming your business in Dubai. The name should be catchy and sound good when you say it out loud. If you need more information, get in contact with Company Formation experts to get more knowledge, about naming your business in Dubai.

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