The UAE Government Makes Working Week Changes

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It has long been discussed whether it will make sense to change the working week in the UAE. In this way the working week will fit better with the western countries. It has now been decided that the UAE government makes working week changes. They will adopt a new four and a half day working week. With the workforce Monday to Thursday, with a half day on Friday, to boost productivity and improve work life balance. 

The federal government of the UAE will shift there working week from January 1, 2022. Saturday and Sunday will be the new weekend for government workers. There has not been made any specific guidance or instructions in relation to the private sector or schools. Though more details are expected to me announced soon. 

The new working week will mean that federal workers will work 7.30pm to 3.30pm on Monday to Thursday and from 7.30am to midday on Friday. For instance this will result in the possibility of more flexible working hours and remote work on Fridays.

Is UAE a Good Place To Do Business?  

The UAE has evolved a lot during the past couple of years both in relation to construction, infrastructure and more. Today it is a country that embraces different nationalities with more that 200 nationalities living and working in the UAE. Because of the innovative mindset and the strategic location of the country. The UAE is one of the best places for business and investment. The country actively welcomes investors and business owners from overseas. The UAE is home to many company formation experts. They can help guide foreign entrepreneurs through the licence, visa, and business incorporation processes. 

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