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Why Aston Advisory?

Aston Advisory Group began as a collective idea based on continuous improvement within corporate services, company formation and business advisory. With over 20 years industry experience, we decided to put this to good use and founded Aston Advisory Group in 2020. A European company and mindset mean we work aggressively for our clients with a work ethic our clients really appreciate. 

What makes us unique?

At Aston Advisory, we spend a lot of time getting to know our clients, their needs for short, medium and long term and design our solutions to meet those goals head on, reverse engineered so our clients can see clearly how the results will be achieved. As Aston Advisory Group is part of a group of 10 other companies globally with over 600 staff, we know how to build companies and understand the pain points of any new or established company will face. This gives Aston the unique position with vast experience of setting up our own international companies, we have been through the pain ourselves we now know how its done! 

What are Aston’s products about?

Our product range covers anything from a simple sole owner company formation to complicated business and legal structures, on shore and off shore companies, residency, bank accounts for our client's business and their own private accounts too. Aston Advisory Group can assist our clients setting up a new business, a head office or a branch in any key jurisdiction globally. 

Aston Advisory values and beliefs

We value clarity in all aspects of our work. What does this mean? In simple terms, it means that we’re straight talking with our clients, we value their time. Measure twice, cut once. Fair pricing for work that is clearly defined from the get go. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aston provides specialised, custom advice with an emphasis on global company formation and advisory.  Astons services are of use to anyone looking to minimise their current or potential tax liabilities as individuals, families and companies. To give the best possible results, Aston creates and will administer highly efficient structures for private clients and their families, companies, entrepreneurs and expatriates looking to relocate.  

Contrary to popular belief, an offshore company setup is very affordable, the savings for the right structure can be very healthy.  Depending on the type of business you want to setup, where your home country is.  The savings on corporation tax alone easily takes care of any recurring fees. This depends on how your company is structured and where.

Aston Advisory covers every single major jurisdiction.  We will find you the best location in the area of your interest.  There are few safe zero tax regimes to choose from, each has its own pros and cons.  The level of due diligence and compliance is always high in the better locations too.

Every company needs to be able to invoice its clients, without a bank account this devalues trust with new clients and makes running your business close to impossible.  Aston Advisory Group will design the structure that gives you and your company the best possible chance of obtaining corporate accounts in the jurisdiction of your choice. There are many issues companies face when trying to open a new company bank account, however, clients that follow advice have got what they wanted.  Often, clients will ask if there is some way to speed up a process or circumvent it.  The short answer is no, you cannot. Every bank has to follow very strict laws both locally and globally or the bank faces very harsh punishments.  Usually, a bank will need to see close top 1.5KGs of paperwork for a new account, if you’re not sure of what to do with a new account, its always best to ask for help or you run the risk of no bank account and wasted months trying.  To open a new bank account, can take up to 8 weeks if the requested information is delayed.
*Any shareholders will need to be present for opening a corporate onshore bank account.

Each company and its owners are unique, depending on company activity, where the owners are from are just the start.  A European company director in a standard industry, with all the right paperwork in hand could realistically have a new company and bank account up and running inside of 6 weeks.

For any companies that you take a residency with, you will need to be present for signing the articles of incorporation and also present during your visa process too.  It’s important to mention, that any bank accounts need to be opened in person too.

This is always down to each company and its requirements, they all have good and bad points.
Free zone – 100% expat ownership available, banking is possible, great for businesses looking to operate overseas and minimise tax back home.  Usually, a company will have its head quarters in Dubai, and operate everywhere else.  This does not mean there is no tax to pay back home, it does mean your business will be streamlined and more tax efficient.  Office space not always required, good for certain startups or those looking to keep cashflow tight.
Mainland – will require some form of local involvement in the way of a sponsor or local service agent, which would grant you 100% ownership with certain types of activities. These are usually much stronger ;legal structures as they’re LLC’s, these also can open corporate accounts much faster and have a stronger reputation globally.  Certain types of businesses have to be mainland, you will also need to take office space with this structure. 
Off-shore – these structures are useful for those looking to conduct activities outside of their usual trading area.  They’re difficult to get bank accounts with, so not always ideal for many.

Once you’re 100% happy that what Aston Advisory Group has suggested as the right plan. We’ll send you our service agreement to sign, along with an invoice, once payment has been received into our corporate account, we can begin the work.  We’ll typically ask for things like copy of your passport, proof of address, passport pictures and so forth.  Please note, that certain nationalities are unable to open a company or bank account.