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Corporate Bank Account
No Corporate Taxes or income taxes allows for one hundred per cent Repatriation of funds

There are plenty of reasons to move your company to the UAE. Zero income tax being one of them. Giving you the opportunity to reinvest resources into your business and grow exponentially.

Corporate Bank Account
No Corporate Taxes or income taxes allows for one hundred per cent Repatriation of funds

There are plenty of reasons to opening a corporate account in the UAE. Zero income tax being one of them. Giving you the opportunity to reinvest resources into your business and grow exponentially.

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Repatriate Corporate Funds

Bank Account Setup

1. Free Consultation

We will advise you and make sure that you are aware of all the details when starting your company in Dubai. We will help you find the right company name and the free zone which fits your company interest.

2 Bank Account

Operating in a Dubai free zone means getting the right bank account We’ll select two or three banks that are best suited to your business type, size and client types Aston Advisory Group will be with you every single step of the way.

3. Visa Stamping

Visas come in several types, and they’re awarded based on a range of criteria. We’ll examine your circumstances and identify the visa that meets your needs.

What is The Benefits of a Dubai Corporate Account ?

What is The Benefits of a Dubai Corporate Account ?

Dubai is Highly recommended when it comes to tax advantages, with no direct tax rate on personal income or corporate profits, low customs duties with many exemptions, and 100 percent repatriation of capital and profits.


Account That Fits Your Needs

Startup Business Bank

Designed for new businesses with single owners or startups with low budgets and likely to have lower than 500,000 AED turnover that need to have a business bank account, usually no physical office is taken or wanted. Business types like interior design, consultants, online education, e-commerce on platforms like Amazon which require business bank accounts to send payments to you.

From Only
10,000 AED

Medium Sized Enterprise

Designed for new companies with 1 or more partners / shareholders. These company types have annual turnover of between 500,000 AED and 12,000,000 AED. Typically, smaller business types that may be looking to streamline their home country operations and reduce tax exposure or relocate completely to Dubai and run their business remotely. Business types like interior design, online education, e-commerce.

From Only
15,000 AED

Corporate Banking

Designed for high-net-worth companies with often complex business models, such as trading stocks, crypto currencies, established larger companies with multiple shareholders. These companies require heavy amounts of paperwork, several different sets of due diligence and at least two corporate bank accounts in larger, well known international banks with multiples of currencies available.

From Only
25,000 AED

Aston Advisory covers every single major jurisdiction. We will find you the best location in the area of your interest. There are few safe zero tax regimes to choose from, each has its own pros and cons. The level of due diligence and compliance is always high in the better locations too.

Customer Reviews





April 25, 2022


Working with Aston Advisory Group has been great. Everything was delivered in one month as planned. Also they went the extra mile to get me an appointment to do the Emirates ID and even...

opened the office on a Saturday for me to be able to meet the bank and do everything on time. So I want to say I am extremely happy and thankful with Aston Advisory Group! Best regards! Martin


September 12, 2021


When taking the decision to re-locate to Dubai and open up a business, I was recommended by several individuals to contact Gareth at Aston, as he and the team are experts at not only...

registering businesses but also in helping to obtain bank accounts and assist with becoming a UAE resident. Without Aston, I can honestly say that I would still be in the application stage. I too, will recommend Gareth and the the team to anyone needing their services.


July 5, 2021


My overall feeling during the whole company setting up process has been that I am in ‘good hands’, all of you could answer any of my questions immediately. You’ve been super responsive at...

any time of the day Gareth’s expertise was a great help during the bank account opening process and I’ve got lot of information about business life in Dubai. Emma was super nice and professional during the visa application process and helpful in any kind of administration issues.

Dr Helen Maffini

May 27, 2021


Aston Advisory Group has been extremely helpful in creating a smooth company opening and move to the UAE. Gareth is very knowledgeable about all areas of freezone companies and life in Dubai...

From our first call until today he and his team have been very helpful, answering all my questions, meeting with me and taking me to all my appointments. It makes things so much easier to have them to help navigate all the parts from start to finish and being able to ask questions and get guidance along the way. Not only was everything done, but it was all very quick and efficient. Highly recommended for anyone looking to set up a company in Dubai. 


March 25, 2021


Thank you for your excellent help when starting a company in Dubai. You fulfil this job extremely well and quickly. We truly appreciate your reactivity and easy communication for the job we ...

hired you and also by getting important information about potential changes in the UAE as you did pro-actively in December with potential tax issue for corporation.
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The Bank Account Process Is Complicated, so let us do it

Do you need help setting up your corporate account in Dubai? The process takes a lot of effort and it involves a lot of paperwork. Aston Advisory Group will show you how easy it is and guide you through the entire process, so you can focus on your business. This is your strategy for success.

From Only AED 10,000

How Hard is The Business
Setup Process ?

Aston Advisory Group saves you time and money, while removing the stress and headaches of beginning your business journey in Dubai. We know the market. We have the network. This is your strategy for succes. Are you wondering if you can setup a business in Dubai yourself ? You can. That is why we have prepared a guide to help you get your business on the right track, from the start.

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