Benefits of Company Setup in Dubai

Benefits of Company Setup in Dubai

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Are you thinking about company setup in Dubai? Today might be the right time. Since it has never been easier or more beneficial to setup a company in Dubai.

From covering help relocating, to tax benefits and falling rents. The time really has never been better to pack up your bags and make the move to the middle east. 

Whether you have been thinking  about it for a while or if it is not something you have even considered before, there are many benefits of company setup in Dubai. 

Company Setup in Dubai

If you are relocating an established company or looking to company setup in Dubai. Then you can get help from company formation experts, who are specialists in the visa requirements, tax rules, business licenses, orientation and other services you might need. Read more here.


Business owners and entrepreneurs can choose to start their company to Dubai mainland where you may have to give 51% of your company to a local. It is also possible to start your business in one of the many freezones in Dubai. In the freezones, you get to own 100% of your company. Read more here.

Zero tax location

Dubai has much to recommend when it comes to tax. With no direct taxes on corporate profits or personal income, low customs duties with many exemptions, and 100% repatriation of capital and profits permitted.

Immigration process

Immigration is different from country to country. Some are far stricter than others as to who they allow in and how. This can have consequences on business, personal and family life for unknowing applicants to difficult countries.

Fortunately, the UAE is excellent in welcoming people from other countries. Especially if you’re a potential business owner.

The location 

The idea of moving your family to Dubai may concern you. When it comes to the UAE you should not be concerned, since the crime rate is one of the lowest in the world. Furthermore, spending time in Dubai will provide you and your family with a better appreciation of many different cultures, sunny weather and good experiences. Read more here.

The time is now

With a welcoming environment to business and startups, and an amazing location, there has never been a better moment to consider moving to the UAE, and in particular Dubai than now. So what are you waiting for? Contact Aston Advisory Group and start your business in Dubai today!

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